SAP is all we do
Founded to deliver high quality SAP professionals, Intelligent Team Inc, is growing into one of the few SAP firms that can deliver quality resources, application solutions and outsourcing capabilities.

We provide professional services and solutions exclusively within the SAP market segment.
  • Intelligent Team has participated over 40 SAP SCM engagements.

  • Currently supporting more than 4 SAP projects across the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

  • Our team of experts can develop a tailored solution that delivers a biggest impact on your bottom line - offering depth and breadth where you need it the most.
Regardless of how well an SAP implementation or upgrade is carried out; the resulting solution has to deliver business value for the customer. It is in this context that our approach of working with our customers as partners, rather than as one-time vendors, is a key differentiator because benefits of a typical SAP initiative accrue over a very long duration, far longer than the duration of the implementation or upgrade project.

This approach helps us work closely with our customers across the entire life expectancy of their SAP solutions in order to identify areas for business improvements and benefits.

Our Service Model

People, process, solutions and support

Intelligent Team Inc delivers this important SAP value chain through a trio of dedicated professional services: Workforce, Solutions, and Outsourcing Through this service model, Intelligent Team Inc is establishing new best practices and delivering to customers a level of reach and flexibility in SAP services.